Woman ran to neighbour to save her daughter after being stabbed by husband, sadly both died

"Mr X* got addicted to drugs after coming into close contact with a local bikie gang."

An Indian Australian woman and her daughter were stabbed in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s northern suburb resident Mr X* (name can’t be published due to court order), allegedly appeared on Thursday evening armed with a knife at his wife Mrs X’s home.

He allegedly stabbed his 39-year-old wife Mrs X* (name can’t be published due to court order) and his six-year-old daughter Ms T*.

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Neighbours called emergency services at about 7:50 pm.

Family friends told The Australia Today, ” Mr X* got addicted to drugs after coming into close contact with a local bikie gang.”

He broke his relationship with a close circle of friends who tried to take him to the rehabilitation process.

A friend who does not want to be named told The Australia Today, “Mr X* called me at 7:10 pm yesterday.”

“He was very upset and was complaining about being ignored by everyone including friends and family. It seemed to me that he was under drug influence.”

Victoria Police believe Mr X* followed his wife while she tried to get to safety.

Detective Inspector in charge Dean Thomas said in a statement that Mr X* injured himself when Police approached him.

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Mrs X* died tragically at the scene, while daughter Ms T* was taken to hospital in critical condition. The little girl passed away Friday morning.

Mr X* was also taken to hospital in critical condition as he injured himself when police arrived. 

In the hospital, he is under guard and Police detectives are waiting to speak to him. 

Speaking at a news conference Friday morning, Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said “It is believed that the 39-year-old victim ran from her house to a neighbour’s house for help, and the perpetrator chased her.”

“He’s known to the police.” 

Representative Image Domestic Violence; Image Source: @CANVA
Representative Image Domestic Violence; Image Source: @CANVA

Did the system fail Indian Australian Woman?

The Australia Today can confirm that emergency services attended the address at 12:50 p.m. Thursday, just 7 hours before Mr X* allegedly stabbed his wife Mrs X* and daughter Ms T*.

Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said, “We believe a person at the address has been assessed at the time and emergency services have been released.”

Indian Australian community leaders are working to support. Mrs X*’s parents have been contacted and visa applications have been made for coming to Australia.

“It’s very difficult, she’s going through an absolutely horrible, traumatic incident.”

The Indian Australian community is devastated by the incident and calls on members to seek help if they are feeling any issue that makes them stressed.

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Family and domestic violence support: