Wealthy Indians top the list for ‘residence’ or ‘citizenship’ by investment programs

In 2020, wealthy Indians once again topped the list of those making enquiries for ‘residence-by-investment’ or ‘citizenship-by-investment’ programmes.

As per ‘Global Wealth Migration Review’, issued by New World Wealth, Indians were the second-largest contingent among the millionaire category to move overseas.

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The most popular countries for migrating High-net-worth individual (HNWI) over the past year (2019) included: Australia, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Israel, New Zealand, UAE, Portugal and Greece. Other popular destinations for them included: Monaco, Mauritius, Malta, Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands.

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About 7,000 wealthy Indians left the country during 2019.

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Henley & Partners, a firm specilizing in arranging ‘residency’ and ‘citizenship’ for HNWI told the Times of India that Indians inquired about Canada Residency, Portugal Residency, Austria Residency and Citizenship programme, Malta Citizenship and Turkey Citizenship. In the past, USA, Canada, UK and Australia have been top favorites among Indians.

New World Wealth expects Australia, the United States and Switzerland to remain the preferred HNWI destinations globally over the next decade.