Former Indian Cricketer Venkatesh Prasad reacts to American journalist’s ‘Hinduphobic’ tweet

What a sad low and miserable life this man is.

India is all geared up to take on New Zealand in the maiden World Test Championship Final.

USA based journalist, CJ Werleman took to Twitter and backed the Kiwis to win the India vs New Zealand WTC Final.

However, CJ Werleman tweeted a ‘Hinduphobic’ remark in order to justify his support: “imagining 500 million Hindutva extremists being happy, even for a second, makes me miserable.”

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Werleman claims to have published more than 400 articles and is a “Global Correspondent for Byline Times. Columnist for Inside Arabia. Activist against Islamophobia.”

CJ Werleman’s tweet didn’t go down well with former Indian pacer Venkatesh Prasad who lambasted the journalist for using a communal remark in cricket.

Taking to Twitter, Venkatesh Prasad bashed the journalist and called his thinking miserable. He also went on to call out the publications that gave the journalist an opportunity to write for them.

“Whoever wins is fine, but what a sad low and miserable life this man is. The fact that this man is given an opportunity to write in publications speaks poorly of the publications. Get well soon Mr Miserable”

It is interesting to note that Werleman claims he has published stories and investigations in CNN International, BBC News, Sky Channel, TRT World, Al Jazeera, Indus News, and many others.

Twitterati was quick to react.

Few also digged out his Islamophobic tweets, which CJ Werleman claims were a thing of past.

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CJ Werleman’s Hinduphobic agenda failed to divide the cricket-loving Indian community into the lines of religion.

The Australia Today has seen few documents which suggest this alleged Hinduphobic CJ Werleman is now working with few Australian organisations to spread hate against the Australian Hindu community.

Their agenda is to poison the Hindu community in the name of region, language, caste and Indian politics.