Two Brisbane train cleaners fired after CCTV catches them doing nothing

Two Brisbane train cleaners have been stood down after being caught on CCTV not doing their duties.

This was revealed by Transport Minister Mark Bailey.  

Image Source: Transport Minister Mark Bailey – Twitter.

Two workers employed by a subcontractor to rail company Alstom could be seen slacking off.

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Alstom is the contractor who manages the TransLink rail network.

Mr Bailey told media:

“The conduct is obviously disappointing, and the contractor – Alstom – is investigating.”

Mr Bailey further added that after Alstom reviewed CCTV footage, they identified seven instances of staff not performing the cleaning as required.

“To be very clear — the majority of the workers as we understand are doing the right thing and working very well.”

Image Source: Matt Longland – TansLink Facebook.

Matt Longland of TransLink told media that Alstom is still investigating to make sure there were not any other cases.

“Hopefully this is an isolated instance of a few workers not having their minds on the job.” 

These actions – inadequate cleaning – were serious given that due to COVID19, frontline cleaning persons have the extra responsibility and part in ensuring fellow Australians are safe.