Pyjama suits – would you wear this latest formal wear for online meetings?

Work dress codes – office wear – has changed during the COVID pandemic.

People have started experimenting and created Zoom shirt.

According to Urban Dictionary this is a:

“shirt or blouse that’s kept on the back of your desk chair to quickly be presentable for video conferences”. 

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Now, thanks to two Japanese companies, here comes the latest suit and loungewear: the Work From Home Jammies or just pyjama suit.

The WFH Jammies described as: “business on the top, loungewear on the bottom”.

Taichi Ito, the deesigner, came up with the idea when his wife was on a Zoom call.

He told The Guardian:

“One day my wife changed into casual office clothes to attend a video meeting. I thought, ‘that’s not a good way to enjoy her time working from home’ and thought it would be a good idea to have loungewear that was formal only for the part of the body shown on the video screen.”

The top half of the garment that is visible to your colleagues on a screen resembles a crisp, collared shirt and the bottom half is a darker colour and resembles a sweatshirt. 

By the time we go back to office, our plight will be just like Harjas Sethi.

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In an epic video, Harjas went on to hilariously rant about sacrificing the luxuries of work from home on social media.