Sydney kids chant Sanskrit mantras as Yoga celebrations begin in Australia

21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day around the world including in Australia.

International Yoga Day celebrations kicked off in Sydney today where students from John Colet School in Sydney recited Sanskrit Mantras at Sydney Town Hall.

The event ‘ Yoga for Humanity’ was organised by the Indian Consulate in Sydney.

Students from John Colet School in Sydney chanting Sanskrit Mantras (Video source: Indranil Halder)

Indian-Australian Indranil Halder who was at the event shared his feelings with The Australia Today,

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“It was a great day for yoga as Sydney participated in International Yoga Day at Sydney Town Hall, inside the majestic town hall building was lit in green, orange and white”

IMG 6270 1
Image Source: Indranil Halder

Mr Halder told The Australia Today that he could feel the enthusiasm in the room,

“It was extremely well organised. There was an enthusiastic vibe from participants in the room. Consular General (Mr Manish Gupta) was very welcoming in his speech. Over 400 participants had gathered for the event. There was wonderful flute and table music”  

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(Image Source: Indranil Halder)
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(Image Source: Indranil Halder)
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(Image Source: Indranil Halder)
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(Image Source: Indranil Halder)
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(Image Source: Indranil Halder)
(Video Source: Indranil Halder)