‘Sacred India Gallery’ located in Australia gets Indian PM Modi’s praise

PM Modi said the amazing effort of Jagattarini “indeed shows us the power of Krishna Bhakti” and “I wish her all the best in this work.”

In his recent ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the role played by Sacred India Gallery in connecting Australia with India. He said:

“An Australian lady visited Vrindavan and was smitten by the beauty & divinity of Vrindavan-the land of Kanha, that she carried this beautiful with her to her homeland & now promotes the teachings of Vrindavan in Australia.

Vrindavan attracts people from all around the world. No one can fathom the bliss of Vrindavan, its infinite.”

The Sacred India Gallery is situated in the Swan Valley region of Western Australia and opened to the general public in 2012.

For the last 9 years, visitors have been enriched by the one-hour guided tour of the Gallery.

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Image source: Sacred India Gallery.

This tour has breathtaking installations and the incredible miniature work of resident artist Jagattarini Dasi.

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Jagattarini Dasi joined the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) in 1970 and lived in Vrindavan for 13 years.

Here she was enamoured by India’s people, traditions, food, and art.

“In her spare time, she regularly journeyed by local transport to significant holy places throughout the outlying Braja District.”

She returned to Australia in 1996 and started creating exquisite miniature scale dioramas.

Jagattarini Mataji continues to draw her artistic inspiration from Vraja Dhama.

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Image source: Sacred India Gallery
Image source: Sacred India Gallery

She has been working with a variety of mediums producing miniature three-dimensional diorama exhibits, depicting Krishna’s nectarean Vrindavan pastimes.

“She is establishing these dioramas within a project known as Gopinatha Dharma, which is meant to attract souls to the glories of Sri Vrindavan Dhama.”

These can be seen in the gallery that has some intricate displays consisting of traditional Indian carvings and original miniatures that capture the sights, sounds, and mystical atmosphere of spiritual India.

Image source: Sacred India Gallery.

PM Modi said the amazing effort of Jagattarini “indeed shows us the power of Krishna Bhakti” and “I wish her all the best in this work.” 

This was the 83rd edition of his PM Modi’s monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ address.

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Indian High Commissioner in Australia Manpreet Vohra said, “It is wonderful to see the cultural and spiritual sites and atmosphere of India so beautifully recreated in The Sacred India Gallery near Perth.”

“I thank Jagat Tarini Ji and her team of volunteers for creating this unique experience of Indian sacred places for the learning and enjoyment of our Australian friends.

It is testimony to the historical ties and flourishing cross-cultural influences between India and Australia,”

added Mr Vohra.

The detailed reference to The Sacred India Gallery and the work of John Lang, made by Prime Minister Modi in his Mann Ki Baat today, is a mark of the appreciation and gratitude felt by all Indians.