40 youths from Punjab to face deportation for blocking police officer’s car

Constable Sarbjit Sangha said the group of Punjabi youth, mostly students and visitors, indulged in lawlessness and can face deportation.

Forty Punjabi youths face the serious charge of obstruction of justice and could be deported from Canada for blocking an RCMP officer’s duty car in Surrey, British Columbia.

The spokesperson for the Surrey RCMP detachment, Cpl. Vanessa Munn told the media that the officer was called to the parking lot after the complex’s security staff complained of a vehicle with “an extremely loud and disruptive exhaust system (that) had been unnecessarily driving around the parking lot and causing a disturbance for the preceding three hours.”

She added:

‘”The behaviour of the group escalated as the officer re-entered his police vehicle and attempted to leave. Persons involved blocked the police vehicle, attempted to open the driver’s door and could be heard swearing and name calling while filming the incident.”

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It is being reported that the car driver was roaming around Strawberry Hill Plaza-72nd Avenue playing loud music for three hours. The lone police officer on duty issued a notice to remove the loudspeakers from the car. But soon, several Punjabi youths obstructed the officer and misbehaved with him. The youth even made a TikTok video and captioned it as an alleged “racist” and “bully” confrontation with the officer.

Constable Sarbjit Sangha told the media that the group of Punjabi youth indulged in lawlessness when a police officer stopped and issued a traffic notice to a car driver. She adds that the video of the case is being investigated and these forty youths, mostly students and visitors, can face deportation.