Pharmaceutical tycoon compares COVID vaccination confusion to Indian arranged marriage

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw has compared the COVID-19 vaccination situation in the India to an arranged marriage.

Australia-educated Mazumdar-Shaw is presently the Executive Chairperson of Biocon Limited – Asia’s leading Biopharmaceuticals enterprise.

Image source: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw – Biocon.

She compared the two while highlighting the confusion that has surrounded the entire vaccination process in India.

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Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw tweeted:

“The vaccine situation in India is like arranged marriage. First u r not ready, then u don’t like any, then u don’t get any!! Those who got are unhappy thinking may be the other one would have been better. Those who did not get any are willing to get any one.”

Vaccination hesitancy and technology have speed-bumped India’s inoculation drive right from the start. The history of vaccines is replete with stories of fear and misgivings on their side-effects or inefficacy of a new vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines experienced nothing different.

Experts say that an open and congruous approach is essential for mitigating myths and fears around Covid-19 vaccines.

Indian media has earlier reported that there are many reasons that are impacting people’s trust in the vaccine. A few cases of fully vaccinated people contracting the infection is one of them.

Medical experts explain that we should not forget that no single vaccine can provide 100% protection.
For example, the annual influenza vaccine offers only 40% to 60% protection, and a measles vaccine offers only 97% protection. Similarly, no Covid-19 developed in India or outside, offer 100% protection.

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However, this cannot negate the benefits of the vaccine, which significantly lowers the level of the infection, and even if contracted after getting fully vaccinated will always protect from a fatal infection. Indian Council of Medical Research in a report recently shared said that only 2-4 people in 10,000 were found to get infected after getting both doses.

So they are requesting people to go out and get COVID19 vaccine as soon as possible.