Is this the solution to youth crime in Australia?

Unruly youths in Australia should be ordered to complete a compulsory national service or a military-style boot camp to minimise repeat offending.

These views were expressed by Tasmania senator Jacqui Lambie on the Today show.

Recently, a Queensland couple was hit and killed by a teenager allegedly driving a stolen car.

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Parents-to-be Katherine Jane Leadbetter (31 yo) and her partner Matthew Philip Field (37 yo) died when they were struck by the car.

Source: Facebook.

The teenager has been charged with two counts of murder.

Senator JacquiLambie told Today that she was “terribly concerned.”

It has been brought to the media and Senator’s notice that perpetrator had been on bail when the crime occurred.

Senator Jacqui Lambie warned that more lives would be lost if there weren’t changes made to the law.

“I can tell you what the solution is … it’s time for tough love. Whether that means we put the discussion of national service back on the table. There’s some really great (boot) camps out there that have an 85 per cent success rate,” Senator Jacqui Lambie added.

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National service is compulsory service in the military that involves boys from the age of 12 through to men in their mid-20s.

The last National Service Scheme was introduced in 1964 when conflicts in Southeast Asia raised fears about Australia’s security. 

Between 1964 and 1972, more than 804,000 men registered for national service.