ISKCON temple in Ukraine opens doors for providing food and shelter

ISKCON global has also launched a website to find the nearest temple in Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.

Hindu temples in Poland and Hungary are helping and supporting people who have become refugees because of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

ISKCON Temples global communication released a statement. which says,

“We offer our prayers for all persons who are victims of the evolving situation in Ukraine. We earnestly pray that no more innocent people may suffer and that peace will soon return to that region.”

“We are especially heartbroken that thousands of devotees of Lord Krishna are living in the areas in conflict. Members of our communities live in both Ukraine and Russia and we fear that great pain is being borne by them, and their extended families and friends, both spiritual and secular. May Lord Krishna protect one and all.”

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Meanwhile ISKCON Hungary has started food relief for Indian Students & refugees who are arriving from Ukraine.

The India Embassy in Hungary has sought ISKCON’S help in arranging food & water for the Indian Students arriving to board flight to India.

The Vice-President of ISKCON, Radharamn Das urged people in need of food or shelter to contact one of the ISKCON temples in Ukraine, as they are ready to serve people in need. 

“Our devotees and temples are committed to serving those in distress. Our temple doors are open for service”,

Radharamn Das said in a tweet.

ISKCON statement says, “We earnestly pray for that day when Russians, Ukrainians, Americans, Chinese, Indians, Africans, Europeans, and all peoples will come together under the banner of affection for each other and for God. True peace, true security, and true fulfilment cannot be achieved by economic or political gains. They are found by knowing that we are all God’s children and that all people, indeed all living beings, deserve our respect, protection, and affection. Hare Krishna.”

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has 54 temples across Ukraine.

There is also a website to find the nearest temple in Ukraine. The locations of these temples can be found here.