International Student’s bicycle got stolen on Uber-eats delivery, this is how Indian Australian community responded

Prakhar Tewari is an International student from India and is studying in Sydney.

In the COVID19 affected market jobs are hard to come by that’s why to manage his expenses, he works as a delivery driver for Uber-eats. In a viral post on social media, he tells his story of his bicycle stolen, after which a stream of help and support from the generous Indian Australian community flowed for him.

On Thursday, when he went to deliver in a building on Bigge Street in Liverpool, he parked his bicycle outside. It took him 5 minutes and when he came back the bicycle was not there. Someone had stolen it.
Abhishek looked everywhere, talked to the building manager who showed him CCTV footage. In the footage, it is clearly seen a man taking away the bicycle.

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Prakhar Tewari’s Facebook post from Indians in Sydney

He went to the police and registered a complaint. Police told him the case will be allocated to an officer and they will contact him as and when they have an update.
Prakhar agrees that he left his bicycle unlocked as there was no pole or bike stand where he could tie it. He also recalls parking bicycles many times in front of the building door and it remained safe.
He uploaded the picture and video of the person who took his bike on social media, taken from the building manager.

In the viral post, Prakhar requested the Liverpool community, if they know the guy who stole the bike please report.
He said, Uber eats is the only source of income and it was difficult for him to pay his bills without this work.

Within few hours Prakhar was overwhelmed by the support and help offered by Indian Australian community members on the Indians in Sydney page.

One of the members of Indians in Sydney, Yadwinder Sangha offered Abhishek his bike for free. He also wrote in a reply, “Happy to help anyother way.”

Yadwinder’s kind gesture was very much appreciated by the community. Avinash Thakur wrote, “You offering your bike is the best post I read today, Kudos to you for your generosity and selflessness.”

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Others also appreciated it and offered to pool in some amount to help Prakhar.

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Sanu Mandal also suggested to inquire with Prakhar Tewari that what kind of help he requires.

Offer to get him bike kept coming from community members.
Rahul Singh wrote, “Sorry for you loss. Just text me and I will get you a bike.”

Jitender Chhabra provided his phone number and wrote, He has two bikes and offered Prakhar to come and pick whichever is suitable for him.

Mohit Singh suggested how to move forward from here to get actual help via a secure web link. He also offered his spare bicycle without any question.

Kind hearted Tanmay Patel even offered him a job at Domino’s near Liverpool.

Overwhelmed with the kindness of Indian Australian community Prakhar Tewari updated is post.
He wrote, “Never expected such tremendous support. Thankyou for those who showed their concern and also those who offered their help. I have many options available. Will definitely go through some of them.”

Prakhar Tewari’s Facebook post from Indians in Sydney

We will update the story as soon as we here back from Prakhar Tewari on which bicycle he chose out of plenty of options.