Indian Consulate in Brisbane targeted by Khalistan goons beside two Temples threatened in Sydney and Melbourne

“I can’t tell you how upset I am for witnessing Hindu Temples being threatened for Khalistan propaganda.”

By Jai Bharadwaj and Amit Sarwal

In a disturbing development, the ongoing Khalistan menace has now struck on Indian Consulate office in Brisbane, Queensland.

The Australia Today is given to understand that the Honorary Consulate of India located on Swann Road in the Taringa suburb of Brisbane was targeted by Khalistan supporters on the night of 21 February.

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Honorary Consul of India in Brisbane Mrs Archana Singh found the Khalistan flag attached to the office when she arrived on 22nd February.

Mrs Singh immediately notified the Queensland Police, which on arrival confiscated the flag and swept the Honorary Consulate of India to clear of any immediate threat.

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Honorary Consul Archana Singh told The Australia Today, “Police is surveilling the area to keep us safe. We have Strong faith in police authority.”

“The whole Indian Australian community is working together so that what happened in Melbourne is not repeated”

added Consul Singh.

Indian External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar and his deputy Minister V Muraleedharan’s visit on Saturdays 18 February to Sydney and Melbourne respectively have rattled the USA and Canada-based Khalistan propagators as Minister Jaishankar in a very clear way conveyed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese India’s concerns.

Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar met with PM Antony Albanese; Image Source: PMO
Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar met with PM Antony Albanese; Image Source: PMO

However on the same day, just to trouble the Australian Hindu community which shares its religion with Indian Ministers, Khalistani goons threatened two Hindu Temples while they were celebrating their religious festivities of Mahashivratri.

Emboldened by the inaction of Australian security agencies and respective state police authorities, Khalistani goons telephoned Sydney Murugan Temple’s elderly Director – Assets & Environment Mr A. Poopalasingam and Director – Educational Activities Mr T. Sinnarajah and threatened them to raise Khalistan slogans or face the consequence.

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Secretary Mr D. Gnanaratnam told The Australia Today,

“I also received the phone call but was at my work environment so disconnected it immediately.”

Mr Gnanaratnam requested The Australia Today to provide them with the audio recording which Khalistani goons are sharing on social media to take further action.

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In the second largest city of Australia Melbourne where the Hindu population is one of the largest in the country Khalistani goons targeting Hindu religious places took another turn.

Earlier in January The Australia Today reported the vandalism of the historic Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple in the Carrum Downs suburb of Melbourne by Khalistan supporters on the occasion of three days long “Thai Pongal” festival.

A video is being circulated by Khalistan supporters in which they can be heard threatening volunteers of Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple on 18 February morning.

Temple management committee secretary Mr Pala told The Australia Today, “It was our volunteers who picked the phone that morning.”

Khalistand supporter threatened him by saying,

“Before starting the havan raise #Khalistan slogans if not we gonna raise Khalistan flag in your Temple.”

“Our volunteer, Hindus of Sri Lankan origin didn’t understand what Khalistan is and how dangerous these people are,”

said Mr Pala.

M. Sudhakaran Prakash a devotee of Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple came to Australia as a refugee child some forty years back.

Mr Prakash told The Australia today, “My parents came to Australia to give us a life without fear of religious persecution however now these Khalistani supporters are targeting one of the most peaceful communities with their hate.”

Hindu Council of Australia’s Victoria chapter President Makrand Bhagwat told The Australia Today, “I can’t tell you how upset I am for witnessing Hindu Temples being threatened for Khalistan propaganda.”

“Targeting Our Temples is deplorable and should not be tolerated by the wider community.”

Indian High Commission in Canberra has provided the following statement to The Australia Today on these developments.

“High Commission of India has taken up the issue with relevant Australian authority for necessary action.”

Ironically Foreign Minister Penny Wong will be in the Indian capital New Delhi next week to discuss defence and security collaboration.

Note: The Australia Today has connected with multiple stakeholders for comments, we will update the story as it happens.

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