Indian Australian community mourns the young life lost in a freak accident

A 36-year-old Indian Australian died after falling from the 40th floor of a Gold Coast apartment just after he opened a bottle of champagne. 

This freak accident happened at his accommodation at Hilton Surfers Paradise, where he landed on a footpath on Orchid Ave at about 11pm on Friday. 

He was on a holiday from Victoria with his family and friends, as per a report in Gold Coast Bulletin.

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Media reports say, He had popped a bottle of champagne, and cock of the bottle smashed into the ceiling creating a mess.

As per a witness, the deceased was standing on a chair next to the balcony to clean the scuff on the roof.

However, he lost balance and fell down over the balcony protection wall.

‘Police closed the road and taped up the street and were getting people to move along.

Queensland Police are speaking with witnesses and looking at CCTV following the fatal fall. A report will be prepared for the coroner.