Australia to increase international passenger arrival numbers from 15 February

Australia’s National Cabinet met on 5 February 2021 to discuss Australia’s COVID-19 response, the Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and management of Australia’s borders in the context of the emergence of new variants.

PM Scott Morrisson

The Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly, provided an update on the latest epidemiological data and medical advice in relation to COVID-19.

Professor Paul Kelly

There have been 28,842 confirmed cases with 909 died and currently 9 people in hospital.

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It was reported that more than 13.1 million tests have been undertaken in Australia.

It is hoped that the COVID-19 vaccines will further strengthen Australia’s ability to control the virus.

National Cabinet reaffirmed a shared priority to supporting Australians to return home through increased international passenger arrival caps.

From 12:01 am on 15 February, it is agreed that caps would return to pre-8 January levels in New South Wales (430 per day) and Queensland (1000 per week) as planned .

The current cap in Western Australia (512 per week) will remain in place pending further review.

The cap in Victoria will increase from 1120 to 1310 arrivals per week with additional increases to be considered, and South Australia will increase from 490 to 530 arrivals per week.

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It noted that the agreed arrangements for international passenger arrival caps would continue until 11:59pm on 30 April.

National Cabinet will meet again on Friday 5 March 2021.