#IFFM Special: Real women empowerment and equality in marriage with best of Satyajit Ray

Just to add the cherry on the top of the IFFM's digital cake all the movies will be streaming free of charge across Australia via the festival’s website.

Indian Film Festival of Melbourne – IFFM’s 12th edition will be launched with a magnificent Opening Night on 15th August 2021, drawing Satyajit Ray’s classic film Mahanagar (The Big City, 1963).

Festival Director Mitu Bhaumik Lounge says, “it is an unmissable highlight of the Festival’s tribute to legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, as part of global celebrations marking his centenary birth year.”

And just to add the cherry on the top of the IFFM’s digital cake all the movies will be streaming free of charge across Australia via the festival’s website.

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Coming back on the Satyajit Ray directed Mahanagar (The Big City, 1963)

Based on the short story Abataranika by Narendranath Mitra, the movie tells the story of a housewife who disconcerts her traditionalist family by getting a job as a saleswoman.

This 131 mins Ray-delight of 1963 was way ahead of its time.

Arati, a middle-class woman from Kolkata, takes her first job because of increasing financial pressure. However, her husband slowly grows insecure about her growing success.

The film examines the effects of the confident working woman on patriarchal attitudes and social dynamics.

When veteran film critic Philip French says this is one of Ray’s greatest films, you just tend to agree with him. The movie is a far cry from the loud, revolting and disrespectful deception of the modern feminist movement. However, it conveys the strongest meaning of women empowerment and equality in marriage.

The emotional roller-coaster will continue as we Celebrate the Ray Centenary with 9 more Online films: 
1. Mahanagar 
2. Charulata
3. Nayak
4. Mahapurush
5. Jay baba felunath
6. Ghanashatru (Enemy of the People) – Feature film
7. Ghaire Bhaire (The Home and the World)- Feature Film
8. Agantuk ( The stranger) – feature film
9. A Ray of Light- Nemian Ghosh {Documentary}
10. The Music of Satyajit Ray {Documentary- English}

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As the COVID19 has disrupted our lives as much as it could, the resilient IFFM team has adopted more innovative ways to keep the entertainment to the highest possible level.

IFFM2021 team released a touching message.

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