‘How’s the tea?’ Netizens ask as Indian army shows captured Pakistani terrorist

“I appeal to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) area commander, the ISI and the Pakistan Army to take me back to my mother just like they sent me here (India).”

Recently, a 19-year-old Pakistani terrorist arrested by the Indian Army during an operation in Jammu and Kashmir’s Uri Sector on September 26 was shown to the media.

Ali Babar Patra admitted that he was paid Rs 20,000 by his Pakistani handlers to cross over to India for arms supplies.

“I took a job in a garment factory in Sialkot where I met Anas who used to recruit people for the LeT. Due to my situation, I went with him. He paid me Rs. 20,000 and promised to pay another Rs. 30,000 later on.”

Image source: Twitter.

Babar said he lost his father seven years ago and had to drop out of school due to financial constraints.

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He claimed that ISI handlers, take advantage of the poor young men in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir and send them to India.  

Image source: Twitter.

In the video, Babar pleads with his Pakistani handlers to take him back to his mother, the way he was sent to India.

“I appeal to the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) area commander, the ISI and the Pakistan Army to take me back to my mother just like they sent me here (India).”

Babar can also be seen sitting in a chair with two microphones and a tall glass of tea.

This picture of tea kept near the terrorist has now elicited hilarious reactions from netizens.

Social media users are asking Pakistan Army: “How’s the tea?”

In February 2019, Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured by Pakistani authorities, a day after the Balakot airstrikes.

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Image source: Wikipedia.

At that time, Pakistani netizens have trolled India with “Tea is fantastic” comments.

This was clearly a reference to the IAF brave pilot’s reaction when he was asked how the tea was served to him by the Pakistani army.

Under PM Narendra Modi and the Indian army’s pressure, Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was immediately released on March 1 by Pakistan.

However, his video featured in a spoof of a Pakistani tea advertisement.

Now, Babar in his video message has said that the Pakistan Army, the ISI and the LeT were spreading lies about the situation in Kashmir.

“We were told that the Indian Army is carrying out a bloodbath, but everything is peaceful here. I want to tell my mother that the Indian Army has taken good care of me.”

Babar added that the behaviour of the officers and jawans of the Indian Army, unlike the Pakistani army and ISI handlers, with the locals who visit the camp where he was lodged was extremely good.

“I can hear the azaan (call for prayers) on the loudspeakers five times a day. The behaviour of the Indian Army is completely opposite to that of the Pakistan Army. This makes me feel that there is peace in Kashmir.”