After a massive surge in COVID cases, Victoria decides to give second dose in three weeks from 4 October

“I don’t understand how can they play politics over vaccines, it’s like putting someone’s life in danger. Put your differences aside for once and work together to save lives.”

On a day when Victoria recorded a shocking 1438 COVID19 new cases and 5 deaths, the Victorian Government has decided to shorten the interval between Pfizer doses to reach double dose targets faster.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced that the Pfizer interval will be reduced to three weeks – commencing 4 October.

This means that anyone who has received their first dose of Pfizer will be able to bring forward their second dose – if they choose to.

“Changes in the vaccine booking system will be made overnight on 3 October and on 4 October people will be able to make a second dose booking from three weeks after they had their first dose,”

said Premier Andrews.
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Premier argued that being fully vaccinated is the best defence against this virus. Unfortunately, there are limited appointments available in our state system due to supply – so we encourage anyone wanting to book an appointment to check with their GP and pharmacy too.

Melbourne’s Northern suburb Craigieburn’s resident Sandeep Narayan Singh’s 17-year-old daughter had her first Pfizer Vaccine on 18 September 2021 with Victorian state health systems.

He told The Australia Today, “We waited almost 10 days for Premier Andrews to reduce the second dose interval before booking it for 20 October.”

“We called our GP for booking the second shot of the vaccine, they told me they got spots and vaccine but can’t book an earlier day for my daughter as rules don’t permit,

Said Mr Singh

“I don’t understand how can they play politics over vaccines, it’s like putting someone’s life in danger. Put your differences aside for once and work together to save lives,” Mr Singh said.

Victoria has achieved the 80 per cent first dose milestone yesterday.

The next threshold in the Roadmap will be reached when Victoria hits its 70 per cent double dose vaccination target, which was projected at or around 26 October without the reduction in dosage interval.

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There will continuously be first dose appointments released into the system to make sure that everyone who wants to get vaccinated and receives the associated freedoms and benefits – is able to do so.

Premier Daniel Andrews said,

“We reached our first stop on the Roadmap, but we need to keep the momentum going and today’s change will help us reach those double dose targets as soon as possible.”

Over the next week, there are 10,479 first dose Pfizer appointments available and 8,856 first dose Astra Zeneca appointments available through the state-run system.

Premier Andrews stressed that If you haven’t booked your appointment or are waiting for a particular vaccine, do not wait – the best vaccine is the one you can get today.

Victorians can also book a vaccine appointment through their GP or pharmacist, and many more appointments are available.

Victorian pharmacists are now also offering the Moderna vaccine, which is a safe and effective option for any Victorian under the age of 60. This vaccine is also on offer at select state sites.  

To book a vaccination through state-run centres – or to see links for how to book at your local GP or pharmacy – visit www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/vaccine