Adani thanks Australia for striking coal at Charmichael project

“Proud of my tenacious team who mined Carmichael’s ‘first coal’ in the face of heavy odds... Thank you, Queensland and Australia.”

Indian businessperson, Gautam Adani’s Australian mining division Bravus Mining & Resources has finally struck coal in the Charmichael project which is based in Queensland.

Carmichael is a thermal coal mine under construction in the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland.

Image source: Wikipedia.

It has been approved by both the Queensland and federal governments.

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Bravus Mining and Resources CEO David Boshoff said in a statement that it was an exciting day for the over 2,600 people on the Project.

Image source: Adani.

Boshoff said Bravus was on track to export first coal as promised, in 2021.

“Nearly two years ago today we received our final approvals to develop the Carmichael mine and rail Project. We have faced many hurdles along the way, but thanks to the hard work and perseverance of our team, we have now reached the coal seams.”

The coal mine has been at the centre of several protests and campaigns by environmentalists.

Last year, Adani Group said in a statement:

“The project must comply with a strict regulatory framework to ensure groundwater is protected. The State and Federal Government approvals for the Carmichael Mine include around 100 different conditions relating to groundwater.”

The Indian business tycoon also affirmed his company’s commitment to meeting Australia’s strict environmental requirements.

Taking to Twitter, Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group said:

“Proud of my tenacious team who mined Carmichael’s ‘first coal’ in the face of heavy odds. There couldn’t be a better birthday gift than being able to strengthen our nation’s energy security and provide affordable power to India’s millions. Thank you, Queensland and Australia.”

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India will be a key customer for the Australian coal mine which is, presently, also the fourth largest global user of electricity.

Boshoff said:

“The coal will be sold at index pricing and we will not be engaging in transfer pricing practices, which means that all of our taxes and royalties will be paid here in Australia. India gets the energy they need and Australia gets the jobs and economic benefits in the process.”

It is beleieved that this coal mine project will contribute to Adani Group’s energy portfolio that includes thermal power, solar power, wind power and gas.