Aarush Khurana receives Junior Triple Zero Hero Award for saving his brother’s life

"I did what I was supposed to do to help my brother."

Youngster Aarush Khurana has been recognised for his bravery and quick thinking when calling triple-0 after his younger brother Rihaan’s car accident last year.

He was among seven young Victorians aged between five and 13 who have been named Junior Triple Zero Heroes for 2022 by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), for calling triple zero.

Aarush who was aged eleven at the time recognised for his courage and clear thinking during the emergency.

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What happened that day…

It was a normal lockdown day for Ashish and Dristy Khurana working from home while looking after young kids.

Ashish Khurana told The Australia Today, Due to the pandemic all parks were locked by the victorian government and no one was allowed to do a home visit, kids only had the option to play in the front yard and driveway.

“My younger son was ridding his scooter with a few mates and was going from our driveway to our neighbours.”

“I asked him to finish the game and he replied one last go daddy, by the time I said no come back he was already halfway down the street.”
“From my front door, I could see a car (four-wheel drive) coming toward him, seeing the danger I ran and shouted Rihaan stop.”

“My voice was drowned by the loud noise of him colliding with the car.”

“Rihaan flew up in the air and landed 15 meters away on the road, he was badly injured, bleeding from multiple places.”

“I picked him up in my arms and took him inside the home, asked my wife to call triple zero, which she did immediately.”

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“But seeing her son bleeding and injured so badly shocked her and she was not able to reply properly to the ESTA operator.”

“Here comes the saviour, Aarush took the phone from his mom and sat her on the side, he explained everything clearly and calmly to the operator who was under the impression that Rihaan was eight months old.”

“Aarush provided the critical information to the operator and received directions to help Rihaan till the ambulance arrived.”

“He quickly bought towels and asked me to put them on Rihaans bleeding and put pressure.”

The ESTA operators who took their call said Aarush was very composed and conveyed the message properly which is most important in any emergency situation.

Aarush told The Australia Today, “I did what I was supposed to do to help my brother.”

The awards, which are in their eighteenth year, recognise young people for their bravery and clear thinking in emergencies.

After a gap of two years, the Junior Triple Zero Hero Awards were presented in a formal ceremony at MCG. And the young heroes received their medals and certificate in a colourful ceremony. 

And for Aayush and Rihaan award ceremony was bit more than just certificate and medals. It was bowl full of chocolates and lollies.

ESTA’s CEO said: “The awards highlight the importance of teaching children when and how to call triple zero.”

“These young heroes have shown that by knowing how to get the right help in an emergency, a child might save the life of a loved one.”