Young mum with “kangan and jhumka” wins again at Australian fitness event

"I do this as a mum and definitely understand how challenging it is to prioritise yourself. I do this to inspire other mums to look after their physical and mental health."

Indian-origin Neeru Samota has won two Silver medals in Runway Model and Bikini Angels event at the I ICN Victorian Muscle and Model Championship 2022.

ICN Victorian Muscle and Model Championship 2022 (image source: ICN Victoria)

Neeru told The Australia Today that this was one of the biggest bodybuilding shows since Covid with 732 entrees in the competition. She adds:

“First of all, I would like to thank every single person who encouraged me through this journey, supported me, and was kind to me. All those people who I don’t know personally, but they would send kind messages or stop at public places to say, “They are proud of me”! I am grateful to my amazing family, friends, and my coach, Manoj Mukunda, who is truly my Guru – guiding me through tough times. And yes, of course, the biggest appreciation to my partner, Rahul, and my daughter, Arya, who is always there for me, cheering, smiling, and running nonstop with me.”

Last year, Neeru won two Gold medals in addition to scoring 2 third places and 3 fourth places at the I Compete Natural (ICN) event held at the Moonee Valley Race Club in Victoria.

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Neeru Samota with Arya (Image source: Facebook)

With this win, Neeru has now won 55 Medals and Achievements in bodybuilding. She observes proudly:

“This is a win for all of us and it would have been impossible without the amazing support that I have received.”

Neeru Samota (Image source: Facebook)

Neeru says that by following her passion for bodybuilding, she is also trying to inspire other women from multicultural backgrounds to step forward and think about both physical and mental well-being. She adds:

“I do this as a mum and definitely understand how challenging it is to prioritise yourself. I do this to inspire other mums to look after their physical and mental health. We, mums, are the core of the family and our kids are watching us. They learn by observing and doing what mums do, not what we tell them to do. If they see mums prioritising their mental & physical health, they will understand the importance of it and do the same for them growing up. If I am able to get all the mums to stop and think about their own health, my job is done.”

Neeru Samota (Image source: supplied)

ICN is a professional organisation that promotes best practices and innovation “to protect and serve the drug-free competitor, on a truly level playing field.”

“Our Motto has always been to “Serve and protect the Natural athlete”. We hope to do this while providing every competitor with a world-class and unique experience so you will remember and cherish your time with us. As part of our commitment to you.”

Neeru Samota (Image source: supplied)

Neeru says that her future plan is to keep inspiring and keep working with other mums as a Fitness Coach. She adds:

“I now have my own studio gym at home where mums from diverse cultural backgrounds can bring their little ones with them and make the most of it. As a young mother, I understand it’s hard to leave little bubs and come out to exercise. Therefore, I am trying to make it a little easier for mums to do it.”

Neeru is planning to compete in the ICN World Championship which will take place in Prague in November 2022.