YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament: ‘Include it in Healthcare system’ petition proposes

"Introducing yoga in schools will help to bring out the best in young students."

The International Yoga Day was celebrated in the Federal Parliament on 24th Thursday by Vasudeva Kriya Yoga in collaboration with the High Commission of India.

India’s Deputy High Commissioner Karthigeyan Subramanyan was delighted to welcome everyone to celebrate the 7th International Yoga Day.

Mr Subramanyan said, “It is also a matter of gratification that this event is supported by Australian Parliamentarians across the political spectrum.”

“We believe, Yoga is universal and in this beautiful country, we have amazing support and wholehearted cooperation from every level of the Australian community including the Australian Government.”

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Rajendra Yenkannamoole, director of Vasudeva Kriya Yoga also presented a memorandum to the Federal Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs Jason Wood for government support to promote yoga.

Few important points this memorandum presented were:

• Introducing yoga in the schools as the yoga is for all ages and helps in bringing out the best in them

• Promote yoga and meditation at the workplace to address rampant mental health issues and to increase the productivity

• Give insurance, Medicare, and tax rebate to yoga practitioners as they contribute more to the nation than they draw.

• Promote yoga retreat centres as they promote health rather than firefighting fixing the problems

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Addressing the program Federal Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar said Yoga is one that a lot of people understand on a superficial level and probably I am one of those, but it is so much deeper when you scratch the surface.

YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament; Picture Source: The Australia Today

“I want to congratulate all the organisers for this initiative, I am fortunate as someone who was raised with a view of spirituality, faith in my case, and understanding and appreciation that there is more to life and Yoga is a great example of marrying the physical with the spiritual and I really take my hat to each one of you who is involved in this initiative,” Mr Sukkar added.

In an ancient discipline like Yoga, I really implore everyone to do everything they can about spreading the word and seeding it with our younger generation.

Mr Sukkar said, “I take my hat off to the Australian Indian community, I think you probably do that better than others, honouring your culture and honouring your forefathers. You know how to instil in your children an appreciation of the history and where your roots are from and Yoga is a really important part in which we do that.”

Assistant Minister for Customs, Community Safety and Multicultural Affairs Jason Wood even participated in real action.

YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament; Picture Source: The Australia Today

“It’s a very special movement as we celebrate International Yoga Day. Yoga is an incredible spiritual discipline based on extremely subtle science which brings harmony between body and mind.”

Mr Wood said, “I did my 30 minutes Yoga this morning in Parliament House, can I say it is not pretty but it’s pretty effective. It’s incredible to know Yoga is 5000 years old, how many people it would have helped who may be suffering from mental illness or depression just to give them that focus through Yoga. Someone like myself, I have injuries due to playing active sport and I use Yoga to improve flexibility and my wife encourages me to do it.”

YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament; Picture Source: The Australia Today

Liberal Senator James Patterson told the story about his grandmother how she did Yoga even in her nineties.

“My grandmother was a very active Yoga practitioner even in her nineties, she always said that it helped her be healthy, centred and grounded all across her life.”

“I have to say, I have not yet taken it up in her footsteps, but she has always encouraged me to take it up,” Senator Patterson confessed.

‘Vasudeva Kriya Yoga’ was lauded by Senator David Van for serving the Australian and global community for nearly two decades.

YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament; Picture Source: The Australia Today

“Although yoga is an ancient concept, its application is still relevant today and I encourage Australian’s to try out some yoga and experience its many benefits.”

Senator Van said, “I am honoured to celebrate International Day of Yoga with members of the community in the Parliament.

Prominent Indian community leader Rampal Muthyala who facilitated the Federal Parliament Yoga festivities said, Yoga is India’s gift to the world for health n well being. Please practice and promote Yoga where you can.

YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament; Picture Source: The Australia Today

“It’s our immense pleasure to support International Yoga Day celebrations second time at Federal Parliament House proudly organised by Shri Rajendra ji of Vasudeva Kriya Yoga and High Commission of India, Canberra.”

Mr Muthyala explained that Yoga should be promoted to Community to enrich their mental and physical wellbeing.

YOGA at Australian Federal Parliament; Picture Source: The Australia Today

Dy High Commissioner Karthigeyan Subramanyan thanked everyone who attended the program for their high level of acceptance of the ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

India always believes in sharing its knowledge and wisdom and that’s the reason why in 2014 our PM Modi appealed to the UN to make this day an International Day of Yoga. This practice has a home which is India but it’s truly universal, said Mr Subramanyan.