Wyndham Council concerned with trucks parked in the residential area

Cr Adele Hegedich, the Mayor of Wyndham City, recently posted on Facebook that she is taking the concerns of trucks parked in Truganina’s Allura estate seriously.

“I’ve recently heard from a number of residents concerned about trucks parking overnight and during other off-peak times along residential streets in Truganina’s Allura estate.”

She said that her team is working closely with Council officers to implement a solution.

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So, what are the rules for truck drivers?

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According to VicRoads, a driver of a heavy vehicle such as a truck must obey the same road rules as other drivers.

Mayor also noted that “While the practice of parking in indented spaces is not currently illegal, I understand many residents are concerned about safety and amenity impacts relating to this.”

VicRoads rules state that heavy or long vehicles cannot be parked on a road in a built-up area for longer than one hour.

But the driver of a heavy or long vehicle (7.5 metres long or longer), but not a bus, can stop on a road in a built-up area for longer than one hour provided the driver is dropping off or picking up goods.

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So, a driver of a heavy vehicle must read the parking sign. And for more information see the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2017 rule 200.

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According to the Mayor, the council has now engaged an independent road safety auditor to investigate this issue.

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The investigator will submit this report by early next week and help best address the issue.

“Please be assured that myself and my fellow Harrison Ward Councillors, Cr Susan McIntyre, Cr Jasmine Hill and Cr Sahana Ramesh take these concerns seriously and we’re working closely with Council officers to implement a solution,” she added.

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