16 May 2022 18:00
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Wyndham council bans trucks from parking in a residential area

In the first week of February, The Australia Today reported – ‘Wyndham Council concerned with trucks parked in the residential area.

Here is the impact of our story.

Cr Sahana Ramesh who is Council’s Smart Cities portfolio holder said in her Facebook post:

“This is the first time Council has installed these kinds of signs in Wyndham, so thank you to everyone who raised this with me and my fellow Councillors. I’m glad we’ve been able to come up with a solution for you all. We also know that this problem is not limited to these streets or to the Allura estate, so Council will continue to monitor the situation and will assess if more signage is needed in the future.”

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Cr Adele Hegedich, the Mayor of Wyndham City, had posted on Facebook that she is taking the concerns of trucks parked in Truganina’s Allura estate seriously.

Wyndham City New Councillors Mayor Nov 2020 by Donna Indie Lane LR 54 2


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According to VicRoads, a driver of a heavy vehicle such as a truck must obey the same road rules as other drivers.

Susan McIntyre 3

In a recent Facebook post Cr Susan McIntyre has informed the residents of Allura Estate that the Council will install signs banning trucks.

“I am very happy to be able to provide everyone with an update on the issue of trucks parking in the Allura estate. Following a safety audit and legal advice, Council has decided to install signs banning trucks from parking in residential streets, including Mainview Blvd, Elmhurst Road and Boliver Esplanade. Large electronic signage will be in place by early next week at the latest to ensure truck drivers are aware of this upcoming change, while the permanent signs will be installed over the coming weeks once they have been manufactured. If trucks over 7.5 metres continue to park in these areas, they will receive infringement notices.”

VicRoads rules state that heavy or long vehicles cannot be parked on a road in a built-up area for longer than one hour.

Truck zone small 4

But the driver of a heavy or long vehicle (7.5 metres long or longer), but not a bus, can stop on a road in a built-up area for longer than one hour provided the driver is dropping off or picking up goods.

truck 1 5

So, a driver of a heavy vehicle must read the parking sign. And for more information see the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2017 rule 200.

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