Vishal Jood onboard flight to India will be with his family within hours

"My mother is looking forward to seeing him as he is the eldest son who fought for the pride of India."

Indian International student who entangled in a vicious conspiracy of Khalistan supports in Sydney will finally be united with his mother.

Sources have confirmed to The Australia Today that Vishal Jood is onboard a flight to Singapore accompanied by two Australian Border officers for his safety.

One of the officers who was closely working on the case told The Australia Today on the condition of anonymity that Mr Jood was immediately sent back to India as per the legal requirements.

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Vishal Jood was lodged in a Sydney jail after he was accused by Khalistanis, He was released from custody earlier today. 

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Vishal Jood: Picture Source: The Australia Today

“Vishal Jood’s lawyer Amendra Singh from @OpalLegal tweeted, “I am pleased to advise that Vishal Jood is currently onboard a flight to India.”

The Australia Today has reported how Khalistani elements attacked Indian International students including Vishal Jood for opposing insulting Indian tricolour.

Ravi Jood brother of Vishal told The Australia Today, “My mother is looking forward to seeing him as he is the eldest son who fought for the pride of India.”

“This Diwali will be special, our whole village is preparing to welcome him. We will decorate every house to showcase our respect for Vishal.”

Sandeep a social activist told The Australia Today, “We are organising three welcome programmes for Vishal Jood on Sunday, 17 October.”

We will start from Panipat, the second stoppage will be Karnal and finally reach Kurukshetra for a community meeting where Vishal will expose Khalistani conspiracy.”