Vaccinated Victorians will be able to come back home but conditions applied

Every traveller will have to carry proof of their vaccination status so it can be checked at airports, seaports or borders.

Victoria’s domestic travel permit system will be modified to allow Victorians in Greater Sydney and the ACT to come back home from 30 September.

Under current rules, Victorians in Extreme Risk Zones can’t return home unless they obtain an exemption, have another valid permit (such as for specified workers) or are exempted for limited reasons.

New changes to the rules:

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Victorians in an Extreme Risk Zone will be eligible to return home to Victoria if they are fully vaccinated.

“They must test negative 72 hours before their departure, quarantine at home for 14 days upon arrival, and get tested again at the start and the end of their quarantine period.”

The current Extreme Risk Zone rules will remain for Victorians who aren’t fully vaccinated. Those who are not currently fully vaccinated can still apply for an exemption to enter Victoria under the existing limited criteria.

To ensure people from extreme risk zones are meeting their quarantine obligations, Authorised Officers will conduct at-home spot checks on Victorians quarantining.

Vaccinated permit holders returning to Victoria will be required to attest their vaccination status on their application and may be asked to provide proof of vaccination when requested by an Authorised Officer.

Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews said, “This change will allow Victorians to return home from Extreme Risk Zones – but you have to be vaccinated.”

“Given our increasingly high vaccination rates and the direction we’re headed in the roadmap, this is a safe and appropriate decision and it’s made on public health advice,”

Mr Andrews added

Anyone providing false or misleading information will face fines. Every traveller will have to carry proof of their vaccination status so it can be checked at airports, seaports or borders.

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Service Victoria is developing a solution for Victorians to show their vaccine certificate and vaccination status in the Service Victoria app. They are also looking at how this can be linked to an individual’s Victorian travel permit application.

Victorians can currently prove their vaccination status by downloading their vaccine certificate from MyGov.

Current border permit rules still apply until these changes come into place at the end of this month. For more information about the system, visit www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/victorian-travel-permit-system