Unprecedented transformation in pace and scale makes India destination to invest: Deepak Bagla

We are at one of the most exciting points in the history of #australia #india economic relationship.

Invest India CEO and Managing Director Deepak Bagla was recently in Australia for the inaugural Australia India International Business Summit (AIIBS) organised by the Australia India Business Council (AIBC).

Invest India is the advisor, guide, and facilitator to every investor looking to make a home in India. 

In an exclusive interview with The Australia Today, Mr Bagla said that India is going through one of the most unprecedented transformations in human history regarding the pace and scale of change.

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Mr Bagla also spoke about the importance of the Diaspora in further strengthening the Australia-India bilateral relationship. He added that the time to invest in India is now!

Michael Sharpe, National Director of Industry, AMGC (Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre Ltd) recently took part in a round table hosted by the AIBC after the business summit at Sydney StartUp Hub connecting with Investors, Startups and Manufacturing businesses looking to engage with India on market opportunities.

Mr Sharpe told The Australia Today that Australia and India will be stronger and that the new agreements between Australia and India are opening up vast opportunities for Australian manufacturers to partner with India.

He said that the opportunities in the manufacturing sector for the two countries are very vast and include everything ranging from food production to space industry and everything in-between. He added that Australian manufacturing needs to ramp up collaboration efforts with India.

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James Stewart is Venture Partner at Loyal VC. Speaking with The Australia Today after the round table, Mr Stewart said that we are at one of the most exciting points in the history of the Australia-India economic relationship.

He added that it was about building understanding between the two communities to grasp opportunities.