“Good Thief” regrets and returns stolen COVID19 vaccine in India

According to a report in the Republic World, a thief who had stolen almost 1,710 doses of COVID-19 vaccine from a PPC Centre in Haryana returned the doses.

He left them outside the Jind Civil Lines Police Station.

Image Source: ANI.

As per ANI, the matter came to light when a sanitation worker found the locks of the store and deep freezer broken. 

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The thieves broke open four locks of the storeroom and the deep freezer. 

Image Source: ANI.

The PPC officials sounded an alarm after 1,270 of Covishield and 440 of Covaxin doses were allegedly stolen from the centre.

The officials told Republic World that some important files were also stolen. 

“1,270 of Covishield and 440 of Covaxin are stolen from PPC centre. Few important files have also been stolen. I will check the main sources as well that keeps entire the area’s supply. I’ll also inform officials.”

Later, vials of Covishield Vaccine and dosages of Covaxin were left by a thief at a tea stall outside the police station. 

Image Source: Republic World.

Apart from this packet, the thief also left an apology note:

“Sorry- I did not know it was Coronavirus Vaccine inside.”

As per the police, certain clues about the identity of the thief have also become ascertained from the incident.

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The police has registered a case against the unknown person under IPC 457 and 380.

According to the police, the thief may have been attempting to get his hands on valuable Remdesivir injections.