Tarikjot Singh buried alive Indian international nursing student Jasmeen Kaur, court told

This gruesome murder involving "uncommon level of cruelty" has been dubbed an "act of vengeance" in the court.

21-year-old Indian international nursing student Jasmeen Kaur whose body was found in Adelaide was stalked, abducted and killed by Tarikjot Singh in March 2021.

Now, it has been revealed to the court that Ms Kaur was bound by cable ties and buried alive by her in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.

This gruesome murder involving “uncommon level of cruelty,” according to 9News update, has been dubbed an “act of vengeance” in the court.

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Image source: Jasmeen Kaur – Supplied

Prosecutor Carmen Matteo told court:

“She had to have been consciously suffering what could only be described as the absolute terror of breathing in and swallowing soil and dying in that way.”

Ms Kaur had been living with her aunt and uncle in Adelaide and working as an aged care worker while studying to be a nurse.

She went missing from outside her workplace and later Ms Kaur’s remains were found more than 400 kilometres away by SA Police.

The court also heard Mr Singh planned this killing because he was unable to get over the breakdown of their relationship.

Image: Jasmeen Kaur

Mr Singh pleaded guilty to Ms Kaur’s murder as it was revealed that he was caught on CCTV hours before the murder at a Bunnings in Mile End buying gloves, cable ties, and a shovel.

It is reported that Ms Kaur’s mother was also present in court to hear the sentencing submissions.

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While Mr Singh’s lawyer has requested for a merciful sentence a it is a “crime of passion”, prosecution told court that he should be jailed for life.

The decision in this case will be made next month.