Mesmerising Bharatanatyam performance in Sydney

Forty past and present students along with their Guru Neeta Sura presented NrityaNiketan's 30th anniversary show, SHIVAM, at UNSW Science Theatre in Sydney.

Sydney witnessed a mesmerising Bharatanatyam performance as well known dance school NrityaNiketan celebrated three decades of teaching Indain Classical Dance Bharatanatyam to Sydneysiders. Forty past and present students along with their Guru Neeta Sura presented the school’s 30th anniversary show, SHIVAM, which was an exhilarating, mesmerising and soul uplifting performance for all those who attended. The enthralling event took place at the UNSW Science Theatre in Sydney.

Founder of NrityaNiketan, Neeta Sura, told The Australia Today, that the audience feedback and the joy her students get from working towards the end result is what keeps her going.

“It’s a whole year in making and a lot of sacrifices. I can’t begin to tell what pride I feel in these girls. From the youngest girl (6 yrs), another with down syndrome, to the student from my very first batch, kept their position in the formation, very important for visual geometry”.

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Exaplaining the foramat of the dances Ms Sura added,

“The first half was a cohesive way to tell how the story of NatyaShastra & classical dance came about and Lord Shiva’s various forms. Second half continued with Lord Shiva’s stories through captivating choreography via the Varnam, a composition of Guru Dr Anjani Arunkumar. It was followed by Ravana’s ShivaTandav stotra, performed by myself, then a Tillana and a grand finale of Nirvana Shatakam, Adi Shankaryachrya’s Vedic chants that say ‘Chidanand rupa, Shivoham Shivoham’, ‘I am nothing but one with Lord Shiva’”.

“The musical ensemble added to the magical experience. Siva Setupathi and his students (Santhosh Jaisankar, Sayeesh Srinivasan) on Mrudangam, Veena by Saumya Sritharan, Vocals by Madhuri Risbud, Vikas Kolar and Hemangi Akolkar. All were marvellous for both Hindustani & Carnatic music”.

The production was enhanced by the beautiful lighting managed by Sagar Agashe and sound and power point presentation was managed by Sameer Bhole. Emcee for the evening was another one of Ms Sura’s student Ashlesha Pelosi while Purnita did the recitation when she was dancing.

Ms Sura thanked all her students for the their efforts to bring SHIVAM to life and to the audeinces who attended the performances.

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“Thanks to all the girls for the endless hours of rehearsals, parents for their undying support to their daughters but also to myself, all friends who stand by me to help on the day and parents & family who from overseas keep believing in me & encouraging me, and my family here for putting up with me. Last but not the least the very important audience who have attended & applauded the performance”.