Sydney Masonic Centre cancels Khalistan Referendum propaganda event

The Australia Today is given to understand that NSW Police, ASIO, AFP and DFAT were involved while deciding to cancel the Khalistan propaganda event.

By Jai Bharadwaj and Amit Sarwal

After hundreds of complaints by the Indian Australian community about threats by Sikhs For Justice’s propaganda referendum event, the Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC) decided to cancel the booking.

This propaganda event was scheduled to be organised on 4th June however in new development, this booking has been cancelled after security agencies advise.

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A spokesperson from Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC) confirmed to The Australia Today,

“Masonic Centre has, this morning, cancelled this booking as it is in conflict with adopted Masonic policy and due to risks to Masonic staff, assets and members of the public which cannot be practicably mitigated.“

“We did not understand the nature of this Khalistan event at the time of booking, However after lots of deliberations decision was taken that Sydney Masonic Centre does not want to be part of any event which can potentially bring harm to the community,” she added.

Sydney-based Dharmendra Yadav is one of the people who complained about terrorists being praised via posters and banners by the Sikhs For Justice propaganda event.

Mr Yadav told The Australia Today, “I live in Parramatta and for the last five days every morning we had to confront huge banners with anti-Hindu slogans on them.

“I wrote to Sydney Masonic Centre and explained the violent ideology of Khalistan, how they have killed thousands of Hindus and Sikhs in last forty years.”

He says the Sydney Masonic Centre sales team was tricked by Khalistan supporters into the booking.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has assured his Indian counterpart PM Narendra Modi that his government will continue to take strong action against extremist elements that want to disrupt the strong and deep ties between the two countries.

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India has also mentioned that Australia and India ties are extensive and will not be allowed to be affected by such elements.

In reference to the Khalistan menace, India’s Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra has said that whatever both governments have to do to clamp down on such disruptive elements we will do.

Prior to this, amidst complaints from Indian-Australians regarding Sikhs For Justice’s propaganda referendum event proposed in Sydney, the Blacktown City Council has also decided to cancel the event.

Image: Blacktown City Council (Source: Website)

A Blacktown City Council spokesperson has told The Australia Today,

“Council has, this morning, cancelled this booking as it is in conflict with adopted Council policy and due to risks to Council staff, Council assets and members of the public which cannot be practicably mitigated.”

The Australia Today is also given to understand that an investigation is already underway about “Sikhs For Justice Pty Ltd” which is registered in Victoria.

An official close to the matter told The Australia Today, “An connection to unaccounted money trail is what we are looking into.

The Australia Today has contacted Sikhs For Justice Pty Ltd, however, we have not got any response as yet.

Image: BAPS Swaminarayan Temple vandalised by Khalistan supporter (Source: The Australia Today)

Earlier this month The Australia Today reported about a vicious anti-Hindu vandalism attack on BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir Rosehill by Khalistan supporters.

Temple management has told The Australia Today that NSW Police officers have attended the Temple and CCTV footage has been provided to assist them in the investigations.

In January 2023, the Indian-Australian community was dismayed with three of its most iconic Hindu temples outside the Indian subcontinent vandalised with anti-Hindu graffiti.

Hindu, Islamic and Sikh religious leaders condemned the attack and called on authorities to take strict action against perpetrators.