Sky’s the limit for India-Australia relationship: CGI Manish Gupta

In an #exclusive and #candid interview, CGI Sydney Mr Manish Gupta and his wife Mrs Nimeesha Gupta share their views and experiences about living in Australia with The Australia Today.

Consul General of India in Sydney, Manish Gupta, in an exclusive interview with The Australia Today spoke about the bilateral relationship between Australia and India and the contribution of the Indian-Australian community in strengthening this relationship.

In a candid conversation, Mr Gupta and Mrs Nimeesha Gupta shared their views about Australia and their interactions with the diaspora calling it a microcosm of India.

Mr Gupta said that there are not too many countries like Australia in the world where you have the freedoms and the means available to follow your own culture and traditions.

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He added that Australia and India have a convergence of interests and there is extensive synergy in the relationship.

Mrs Gupta mentioned that the range of the Indian – Australian community in Australia is quite striking and that brings a lot of cultural exchanges in terms of food, art, dance music and festivals.

Tune in to this one-of-a-kind interview where the CGI and his wife speak about their experiences in Australia straight from the heart.