Punjabi actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu flees on a bike as angry farmers confront him

In a viral video, a group of agitating farmers can be seen confronting Punjabi actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu.

This was recorded while Deep Sidhu was doing a Facebook Live from a tractor.

The farmers assembled at the Red Fort reportedly told Deep Sidhu that he has ruined the farmers’ movement.

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WATCH VIDEO (Profanity Alert):


Deep Sidhu is in the dock for having allegedly instigated farmers’ protesters and making them unfurl a religious flag thus giving communal colour to the movement.

Deep Sidhu can be clearly seen alighting from his tractor and running away from the group confronting him about his intentions and accusing him of damaging the farmers’ movement.

The actor-turned-activist then takes a bike to ride away from Red Fort.

Later, Deep Sidhu posted a video on his Facebook page defending himself.

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In the video, Deep Sidhu says, “How can I instigate lakhs of farmers? I am also a part of the ‘sangat’ [a group of protesting farmers], I am one of them itself”.


Prior to this well-known actor-turned-politician BJP MP Sunny Deol has clarified that he or his family members have no links with actor Deep Sidhu.

“I have already made it clear through Twitter on December 6 that I or my family have no links with Deep Sidhu,” Sunny Deol tweeted on Tuesday night.