NSW Liberals promise $1 million investment makeover for Sydney’s ‘Little India’

The commitment will see recognition and revitalisation of Little India Harris Park as a cultural precinct through a $1 million investment.

NSW’s Minister for Multiculturalism Mark Coure has said that if the NSW Liberal and Nationals Government is re-elected it will work to recognise and revitalise Little India Harris Park as a cultural precinct through a $1 million investment.

NSW state elections are going to be held on 25th March 2023.

This commitment will also see a NSW Government application made to the Geographical Names Board to officially recognise Marion Street, Wigram Street and Station Street East as ‘Little India’ in the first month of a new term.

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Minister for Multiculturalism Mark Coure said Little India is a major cultural drawcard for Western Sydney, bringing visitors from across the city, state, and globe.

“Both locals and visitors alike go to Harris Park to experience Indian culture and cuisine, and by revitalising the area, we will further drive the local economy upwards.”

“Our commitment to this cultural precinct recognises the great contributions of the Indian-Australian community to our state’s social and cultural fabric,” Mr Coure said.

“Only the Liberals and Nationals have the long-term economic plan to boost businesses and drive economic growth.”

NSW Liberal candidate for Parramatta Katie Mullens said the commitment answers the strong calls of many in the community, including the Little India Harris Park Business Association.

“Everyone knows that this area is the place to go to experience everything the Indian community has to offer,” Ms Mullens said.

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“The NSW Liberals and Nationals are backing in the tireless work of so many local business and community leaders to make ‘Little India’ the vibrant place it is today.”

Treasurer of the Little India Harris Park Business Association Nitin Setia said that recognition of Little India will provide a tourism boost for small businesses and the local economy.

“Through this commitment, people from all over Australia could come and experience a piece of India right here in Harris Park,” he said.