No more dentist, Master/Phd taxi-drivers: Australia-India almost ready to recognise qualifications and degrees by end of 2022

This mechanism for expanding education qualification recognition shall be finalised by the end of 2022 and will be implemented in 2023.

India and Australia are planning to establish a taskforce to develop qualifications recognition arrangements to enhance two-way mobility for skilled migrants and students.

Education is the biggest connector in the bilateral relationship between Australia and India.

In recent years, India has overtaken China as the largest source country of international students. The statement notes:

“This important work showcases that Indian students continue to be a valuable part of our community.”

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In fact, in Australia, fees collected from international students provide about 27% of total university revenue.

PM Narendra Modi and PM Scott Morrison; Picture Source: @SCOMO
PM Narendra Modi and PM Scott Morrison; Picture Source: @SCOMO

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that this task force during their annual virtual meeting.

This task force will address the recognition of online and blended learning, joint degrees and offshore campuses.

It will help deliver a mechanism for expanding education qualification recognition between Australia and India by the end of 2022 and it will be implemented in 2023.

In 2019,  India decided to recognise Australian degrees to validate Australia’s global reputation as a leader in higher education.

Then Minister for Education Dan Tehan said:

“The recognition strengthens the education relationship between the two countries and is testament to India and Australia’s ongoing commitment to collaboration.”

The present initiative to recognise Indian qualifications and degrees will support the implementation of the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021-2030.

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Stuart Robert, the Acting Minister for Education and Youth, said that this task force would consult with stakeholders.

These discussions will identify opportunities for the recognition of Indian higher education qualifications and to make recommendations to improve arrangements.

“Australia has a longstanding and strong relationship with India across education, skills and research.”

he added:

“This collaboration will serve both countries by expanding cooperation in education, and optimising mobility outcomes for Australian and Indian students and graduates, and our education institutions. Improved qualifications recognition arrangements will also underpin trade in professional services between Australia and India.”

This move will further strengthen bilateral education cooperation on the recognition of Australian qualifications to support sustainable growth of Australia’s high quality education services offshore.

This recognition would be beneficial for skilled Indian migrants whose degrees are not recognised and they end up doing jobs below their qualification level to survive in Australia.