More than 3000 nurses died of COVID in 60 countries since March 2020

More than 3000 nurses have died after contracting COVID since March 2020 in 60 countries.

A new report by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) reveal that more than 10 percent of total case fatality globally comprises healthcare workers.

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The report observes that since March 11, 2020 when World health organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, millions of nurses have been reeling under the “mass trauma”.

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The report and analysis by the ICN found that the swamped hospitals, staffing shortage and onslaught of COVID-19 patients since the last year has stressed and worn out the healthcare workers.

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It notes that as many as 400 incidents of pandemic related violence and threat against the healthcare worker was recorded.

This has also pushed many to quit their profession. 

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At least 1,172 COVID-19 related incidents against the nurses were registered during their response  to the pandemic.

The ICN report found:

“COVID-19-related attacks reveal a disturbing new dimension of violence against health care, which has in the past related primarily to attacks on health care amid armed conflict or routine health services provision.” 

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In a statement, the ICN chief executive Howard Catton said:

“Nurses have gone through ‘mass traumatisation’ during the pandemic, as hospitals were pushed to physical and mental exhaustion. They reach a point where they’ve given everything they can.”

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Catton stated that the global workforce of the nurses  at the hospitals during the pandemic drastically shrank to just 6 million from the previous 27 million, this included  at least 4 million that were already looking for retirement by 2030. 

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