Melbourne’s Dawaoodi Bohra community hosts multicultural Eid

Dawoodi Bohra Community of Melbourne hosted a Multi-cultural festival to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, the festival marking the end of fasting during the month of Ramadan.
The event was hosted on a nice warm afternoon, at the Hungarian Social Club. There were many notable figures including Box Hill City Council MLA, Mr Paul Hamer and Consul General Mr Raj Kumar, Indian Consulate (Melbourne).

Hundreds of attendees belonging to different social, cultural and ethno-religious background graced the program. Within the Bohra community was a rich blend of people from India, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Africa.

The program consisted of a skit showcasing their practices during Ramadan and slideshows explaining their various humanitarian and social contributions within Australia and throughout the globe.

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What truly stood out was their unwavering commitment to zero food wastage, emphasised by their community’s recent achievement as the recipient of the World Record for Largest Zero Waste Religious Event award.

The event concluded with a closing address by the head of the community in Melbourne, Sheikh Ibn Madyan, who expressed his gratitude to all the guests for attending the event and also to the volunteers, who put together this magnificent event through their hard work and unwavering commitment.

The great part of the Eid function was that considering the cultural and religious requirements other multicultural community members food served to the guests was vegetarian.

Everyone then enjoyed refreshments set out for them, which also gave them a chance to mingle and learn more about the Dawoodi Bohras and vice versa.

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