Melbourne makes it to the list of World’s Most Mispronounced Places 

Experts note that the Victorian capital, Melbourne, is correctly pronounced "Mel-buhne", but many incorrectly pronounce the R.

Australian city Melbourne has been ranked at number 21 on a list of the most mispronounced places in the world.

Experts note that the Victorian capital, Melbourne, is correctly pronounced “Mel-buhne”, but many incorrectly pronounce the R.

The language learning platform Preply used Google search data to rank most common searches for how to pronounce place names. It said in a statement:

“Preply has analyzed Google Search data for 68 well-known “hard to pronounce” places around the world. They looked at the places people ask about “How to pronounce” most often. They then ranked each place according to how difficult it is to pronounce by the number of people searching for it.”

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Here’s the list of 20 places often mispronounced:

1. Cannes, France

Correct pronunciation: KAN or KAN-uh / Incorrect: CON or CONZ or CON-es

2. River Thames, London, England

Correct pronunciation: TEMZ / Incorrect: THAYMZ

3. Yosemite National Park, USA

Correct pronunciation: yoh-SEH-muh-dee or yoh-SEH-muh-tee / Incorrect: yoh-SEH-mi-nee or YOH-se-might

4. Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Correct pronunciation: LOO-vruh / Incorrect: LOOV or LOO-vray or LOO-vraa or LOO-ver

5. Versailles, France

Correct pronunciation: vair-SIGH / Incorrect: ver-SALES or ver-SAY-les

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6. Seychelles, East Africa

Correct pronunciation: SAY-shellz / Incorrect: say-CHE-les

7. Ibiza, Spain

Correct pronunciation: ee-BEE-tha / Incorrect: ih-BEE-za or eye-BEE-tha or ee-BEE-za

8. Phuket, Thailand

Correct pronunciation: poo-KET / Incorrect: FUE-ket or fue-KET or FUH-ket

9. Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Correct pronunciation: an-TEE-guh / Incorrect: an-TEE-gwah

10. Dubai, UAE

Correct pronunciation: doo-BAY / Incorrect: doo-BYE

11. Oaxaca, Mexico

Correct pronunciation: wah-HAH-kah / Incorrect: OAK-suh-kuh or oh-AX-uh-cuh

12. Maldives, Indonesia

Correct pronunciation: MULL-deevz / Incorrect: mal-DIVES or MAL-deevz or MOLE-deev

13. Laos

Correct pronunciation: LOUSE (like “blouse”) or LOU (like “loud”) / Incorrect: LAY-os or LA-ose or LOSS

14. Beijing, China

Correct pronunciation: bay-JING / Incorrect: beige-ING

15. Seoul, South Korea

Correct pronunciation: SUH-ool or SOLE / Incorrect: SEE-ole or see-ULE

16. Reykjavik, Iceland

Correct pronunciation: RAKE-yah-veek / Incorrect: RAKE-juh-vick

17. Worcester, England

Correct pronunciation: WUSS-tuh or WUSS-ter / Incorrect: WAR-chest-er or WAR-cess-ter

18. Budapest, Hungary

Correct pronunciation: boo-da-PESHT / Incorrect: boo-da-PEST or BOO-da-pest

19. Qatar

Correct pronunciation: KUH-ter / Incorrect: kuh-TAAR or KAT-aar

20. Edinburgh, Scotland

Correct pronunciation: ED-in-bruh or ED-in-bur-uh / Incorrect: ED-in-berg or ED-in-buh-row or EED-in-berg