Melbourne food delivery driver spreads COVID to more than 150 sites

Victorian Health authorities are urging anyone who has visited any of these grocery stores please follow health advise

A Melbourne food delivery driver (Belonging to one of the Indian food companies) is thought to be the biggest concern in front of authorities for spreading coronavirus.

The delivery driver worked whilst infectious but had no symptoms of COVID19.

Image source: DHHS Testing Commander Jeroen Weimar – Screenshot.

DHHS Testing Commander Jeroen Weimar stressed the driver showed no signs of COVID-19 when he sparked the possible spread across the city.

“He visited multiple stores and grocery sites across metropolitan Melbourne on the 18th and 19 May. As a result of those inquiries, a large number of exposure sites have now been added to the website. I want to thank that company and their customers for their efforts in cooperating with our contact traces.”

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The authorities have reported multiple locations linked to this one man.

These have now been listed by the Department of Health as exposure sites.

Image source: Health Minister Martin Foley – Screenshot.

Victoria’s Health Minister Martin Foley said.

“My message to the community is that the Department of Health will contact you if there are any actions that you need to take. Unless you have symptoms, in which case as for everyone in the state of Victoria, please get tested immediately.”

Image source: COVID testing – Screenshot.