Man who attacked an Uber driver in Perth refused bail

The dashcam of Akash's vehicle captured the horrifying assault that resulted in a number of facial injuries.

Moiz Akash, a Perth Uber driver, was left temporarily blinded in one eye after a terrifying attack from a passenger.

WA Police told media that Akash, who is in his 20s, picked up a passenger from a residence on Clayton Street in Koongamia. Police said:

“The passenger entered the car in an aggressive manner, before assaulting the driver, resulting in facial injuries.”

The dashcam of Akash’s vehicle captured the horrifying assault that happened around 11 pm on Sunday.

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Daschcam footage.

Akash who is now too afraid to drive Uber told 7 NEWS about the assault:

“He said I’m going to kill you tonight, you going to die tonight. And with that 10 seconds at that time when he choked my neck and I can’t breathe, I say okay… I think it’s done. At that time his finger gets into my mouth and I bite him, that’s why he removes his arm. I get out of the car, he runs behind me and saying ‘I’m gonna kill you tonight’.”

Akash believes that such an attack in this line of work was inevitable, however he feels lucky to have escaped this “horrible experience”.

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Moiz Akash (7News screenshot)

After investigation, Midland Detectives charged a man over this incident that resulted in a number of facial injuries for Akash.

The 22-year-old was charged with one count of assault and another of impeding a person’s normal breathing or blood circulation. Midland Magistrates Court refused him bail.