These acts will spoil the image of Hindu and Sikh community in Australia

In a TikTok video doing the rounds of social media, a group of young Indian men can be seen allegedly burning and then stomping a Khalistan flag.

The video is allegedly reported from Harris Park in Sydney, Australia.

The young men can be seen shouting slogans: ” Vande Maatram,” Hindustan Zindabad,” “Bharat Matram ki Jai,” “Har Har Mahadev,” and “Khalistan Murdabad.”

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Few people who do not want to be named told The Australia Today these youths and community at large is dismayed by Pro-Khalistan rallies in Australia on Indian republic day 26 January.

In August 2020, a band of pro-India supporters had clashed with a group of pro-Khalistani supporters at Harris Park.

The 2020 brawl on the streets of western Sydney ensued over an argument on TikTok where pro-Khalistani and anti-India content was posted.

Two men were charged after the riot squad was called in to break up the brawl between a group of between 30 and 40 people.

WATCH VIDEO: (Profanity Alert)

Apparently, the matter has not deescalated with Framers’ tractor rally in India being hijacked by pro-Khalistan sympathisers.

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A viral video was also circulated in social media groups where some men can be seen desecrating the Indian national flag while shouting slogans of “Khalistan zindabad”.

Others around the man can be heard shouting slogans such as “never forget 1984”, “Khalistan zindabad” and “India out of Khalistan”.

The below alleged desecration of the Indian flag and shouting of pro-Khalistan slogans took place on 25 January 2021 in California.


In January 2020 also, major Hindu organisations in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia have condemned the planned burning of the Indian national flag by a pro-Khalistan group “Sikhs for Justice” in Washington. 

In their statements, the Sikhs of America (SoA) slammed the SFJ for the protest and American Hindu Coalition (AHC) expressed deep dismay at the SFJ attempt to burn the Indian flag.

Once again, Indian-origin people living in Australia have started commenting on social media by condemning the actions of the young men as “disgraceful behaviour” and called it “unacceptable.”

Many are of the opinion that such behaviour by Sikhs and Hindus will spoil the image of the community in Australia.