Is Pakistan-born Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi indulging in hate-mongering against Australian Hindus?

"Mehreen Faruqi is part of that elaborate Greens plan which attacks Hindus and Jews for resisting their historical persecution."

Australian Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi made a ‘disgusting statement‘ in the Federal Senate on the pretext of criticising the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s ‘good friendship’ with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

The Pakistan-born Senator Faruqi first ranted about PM Morrison’s cordial working relationship with the then US President Donald Trump and then called Indian PM Modi a far-right leader.

Ignoring all the evidence to the contrary Ms. Faruqi called a democratically elected Indian government an authoritarian administration on the basis of hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations.

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Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi was born in Lahore, Pakistan which was recently in news for atrocities on religious minorities. Incidents of destroying Hindu temples and kidnapping underage Sikh, Christian, and Hindu girls occur on a regular basis in Pakistan. However, Senator Faruqi finds it of no interest to mention in her speech.

She is not the first Australian Green Party leader to indulge in blatant targeting of the Hindu community in Australia. Early this year, NSW’s Green MLC David Shoebridge made Hinduphobia a trademark of the Greens party. He was even asked by the NSW Parliament to apologise to the Australian Hindu community.
The Australia Today reported it to you. (Read the complete report); Greens MLC David Shoebridge should apologise for Hinduphobia, says NSW Senate.

Senator Faruqi attacked Indian Hindu Diaspora in disguise and named it Indian nationalism. She further tried to paint her Hinduphobia as being critical of Indian PM Modi.”

Ms. Sarah Gates is an Australian academic and yoga practitioner.
She says, Everything Faruqi claims as hate speech, the Greens and their ‘consultants’ have said of Australian Hindus aside from the word vermin, which is implied of Kashmiri Hindus whose ethnic cleansing the Greens refuse to recognise and by the repetition of ethnic cleansing slurs like ‘from the river to the sea’.

Ravi Singh Dhankar a Hindu activist in Sydney told The Australia Today, “Mehreen Faruqi is part of that elaborate Greens plan which attacks Hindus and Jews for resisting their historical persecution.”

“Greens party and its Mehreen Faruqi like leaders are fuelling hatred towards people who try to raise voice against persecution of Hindus in Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh and anywhere else in the world,”

added Mr Singh

Last month in Sydney, Hindu community members’ business was targeted for standing against the banned terrorist organisation “Babber Khalsa” which was sending threatening letters to Hindu community members.

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In her speech Ms. Faruqi mentioned, incidents in Sydney that happened late last year and early this year.

“This year, there have been several publicly-reported incidents of violence and altercation between groups, including an attack on four young Sikh men in Harris Park, Sydney, at the height of domestic protests in India over Modi’s farming laws,” said Faruqi.

Sarah Gates told The Australia Today, “What happened in Sydney has no place in Australian society however Senator Mehreen Faruqi purposely chose to tell the half-truth.”

“Three Sikh youths and one Hindu youth faced court for street fights, however, Mehreen Faruqi is doxing whole Hindu community for that incident,” She said.

“If this is not blatant Hinduphobia what is?”

While expressing her concerns over Green Senator Mehreen Faruqi’s hateful politics, Ms. Gates said the attacks on Hindu Diaspora on streets and targeting of their businesses is a direct result of the divisive and hateful politics of Greens.

“Unfortunately, academics and journalists in Australia who criticise anti-Hindu sentiment coming from Green-backed organisations have paid a high price of relentless trolling, political lobbying against them, and mass-mediated defamation.”

Sarah urged the Australian Federal Government to track organisations which take inspiration, funding, and guidance from overseas-based establishments to spread hate towards Hindus”.

“I, therefore, welcome the Australian Governments’ new cyberbullying laws and call on the Government to criminalise cyberbullying, to extend the power to compel identity to website content and foreign accounts, and to provide pathways for prosecution by the state in the same way as any other form of assault.”

“I call on the members of the Labor and Liberal Party including state and federal governments and the Prime Minister to act decisively against Greens Party’s divisive and hate-filled agenda,” Ms. Sarah concluded.