Is Greens party’s political discourse normalising worst form of Hinduphobia?

Are you listening Mr David Shoebridge, MLC NSW Greens, you owe an apology to the entire Hindu Community.

Australia is a vibrant democracy where multiculturalism is celebrated. It is very encouraging that Hinduism can be taught to children in New South Wales schools. This is done all thanks to Vishwa Hindu Parishad who run these school program and 250 volunteers (mostly female) associated with them.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Australia contributes towards Arts & Culture, Heritage, Civilization, Language, Education, Aid & Relief. An organisation that has been associated with [JS1].

Unfortunately, Greens NSW MLC David Shoebridge accused it of a Neo Nazi Extremist Organisation.

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Let’s understand, what’s going on!
Mr Shoebridge uses this defamatory term in reference to picking up some stray incident between two Indian youth groups, I want to believe not deliberately, plant a divide amongst the wider Indian community for his and his political parties benefit.

He says in NSW Parliament without any evidence, that reports of violence had come from Right Wing Hindu Nationalist groups and goes on to name VHP.
Mr Shoebridge seems to be dreaming, that the investigation is complete and VHP members were involved, otherwise, why would he make such a Fake statement?

However, to Mr Shoebridge’s surprise, there isn’t any report that corroborates his claims. Further, his claims were thwarted by the Department of Education and NSW Police which was echoed by NSW MLC Mark Latham when a motion was passed in NSW Parliament against Mr Shoebridge.

All sides of political persuasions except NSW Greens echoed in the NSW Parliament that as there is no evidence against VHP that could suggest their involvement in any violent incident, David Shoebridge should unconditionally apologise.

Mr Shoebridge, When you stand in the Parliament and use such defamatory terms, you may get away due to parliamentary privileges, but the damage it has caused to the wider Indian community is irreparable.

Moreover, this vicious attack on a Hindu religious organisation is nothing but an attempt to break the morale and let down the female teachers who take pride to teach the next generation from the Hindu community about their faith.

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Labor MLC Daniel Mookhey during the motion in NSW parliament raised concerns that the issue was being politicised during the times when India is going through COVID crises and the Australian Indian community is worried for their family members back home.

He also appreciated the achievements of the Hindu community that due to their efforts Hinduism can be taught in Australian schools.

It also looks like levelling these appalling and false allegations of crimes against VHP could be related to politics in India.
You know what, VHP Australia has never engaged in any political commentary, let alone supporting violence. But what we will always stand against is your blatant normalisation of Hinduphobia. I think you have been acting as a tool to the people who oppose the tolerant Hindu beliefs.

LNP MLC Scott Farlow during the motion embraced “Vasudaiva Kutumbakum.”
You probably don’t even know what it means, let me explain it to you Mr Shoebridge, it means the world is one family as the key tenants of Hinduism.

Mr Farlow provided details on VHP volunteers teaching across 80 schools across NSW and all of them going through checks for working with children and regular training and that teaching Hindu Dharma are fully approved by the NSW Department of Education.

Mr Shoebridge your childish citing of the defunct report from an old edition of the CIA Factbook which allegedly terms VHP as an Extremist Organisation was countered with proofs. Due to reasons unknown to us but definitely for your divisive politics Mr Shoebride, you decided to ignore the current edition of the CIA factbook which lists VHP under Trade Union & Environmental Group.

Finally, Are you listening David Shoebridge, MLC NSW Greens, you owe an apology to the entire Hindu Community.

Author: Bharti Kundal is Social Worker, who works against #Racism and #Hinduphobia.