Indian woman with a moustache is viral internet sensation

Shyja's Facebook page is called 'Meesakkari' (woman with a moustache).

Shyja from India’s Kannur district has set the internet abuzz. The 35-year-old from the state of Kerala has a well groomed moustache and has no intentions of shaving it off. In fact her Facebook page is called ‘Meesakkari’ (woman with a moustache).

(Image Source: Meesakkari Facebook)

According to local media outlet Onmanorama Shyja says she is in love with her moustache and wouldn’t shave it off even if she is offered the most precious thing. She adds that lots of people have made fun of her and stare at her but she has not removed the moustache just because they have done that, the only reason for that being that she is really fond of her moustache.

(Image Source: Meesakkari Facebook)

Shyja has recieved both appreciation and sneers from people online but the BBC reports that she says she is unfazed by all the interest around her moustache.

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Shyja states in her WhatsApp status section, below a photo of herself “I love my moustache”, according to the BBC.

(Image Source: Meesakkari Facebook)

Shyja, who uses only one name, would regularly get her eyebrows threaded but never felt the need to remove the hair above her upper lip.

When it began to thicken into a visible moustache around five years ago, Shyja decided to keep it.

(Image Source: Meesakkari Facebook)

Shyja has had to deal with several medical issues (six surgeries over the past decade) and overcoming multiple health crises has strengthened her belief that she should do what makes her happy. Shyja’s husband Lakshmanan and her family have been supportive of her decision to keep the moustache.