Indian ‘superhero’ honoured for delivering food to hundreds during COVID-19

In United Kingdom, the government has honoured Prabhu Natarajan with the UK Points of Light Award for his Covid relief efforts.

Mr Natarajan along with his son during the pandemic delivered food to hundreds of people in need while dressed superheroes, Santa Claus and, most recently, as the Easter bunny.

Mr Natrajan said:

“It’s not an individual effort. I have got immense support from my wife Shilpa Balachandran, my son Addhu (Advaith Prabhu) and the amazing people of the whole of Banbury,” Mr Natarajan said, adding “With their amazing support only was I able to do everything.”

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The family moved to the United Kingdom in March 2020 when the pandemic outbreak had just began.

Image source: Prabhu Natrajan – Facebook.

After arriving in Banbury, Prabhu dedicated himself to supporting the community in response to the pandemic.

According to the UK PM Office, Mr Natarajan delivered over 11,000 chocolates, treats and other food items to hundreds of families across the town.

Besides this, he also established a food bank too, collecting and delivering food parcels to the people in need.

Image source: Points of Light.

For these efforts, especially in a time as challenging as the pandemic, the Britain government has honoured Mr Natarajan with the UK Points of Light Award.

Image source: Boris Johnson – Wikipedia.

In a personal letter, Boris Johnson addressed to Mr Natarajan and thanked him for all he had done in the last year to bring moments of happiness to the families of his town.

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Image source: Prabhu Natarajan – Points of Light.

Mr Natrajan thanked the British Prime Minister and said:

“If you want to live a happy life, take care of people around you. A smile and an act of kindness wins everything. Be generous to everyone.”

Banbury MP Victoria Prentis has also recognised Mr Natarjan as an Unsung Hero in North Oxfordshire in December 2020 and said he was a true unsung hero and a credit to the Banbury community.

Image source: Banbury MP Victoria Prentis – Wikipedia.