Indian Software engineer gets one-acre land on the ‘Moon’ as bonus

An American company Luna Society International has gifted land on the moon to Iftikhar Rahmany a software developer in India.

Luna Society International deals in lunar real estate and has commissioned Mr. Rahmany’s company to design some specialised products.

Rahmani works with a software development company called AR Studios which specialises in Artificial Intelligence based at Noida.

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According to Dainik Jagran, he developed one program for an American company Luna Society International that sells lunar estate. For his exemplary and hard work, Rahmani was gifted an acre of land on the moon by the American company.

Mr Rahmany says, this reward has made him extremely happy, when his family in Bihar heard the news, they distributed sweets in celebration.

Hailing from Benipur from Bihar’s Darbhanga district, Iftekhar Rahmani always dreamt of becoming an engineer. He completed his school in Benipur and did his B.Tech from a college in Udaipur. He was extremely good in his studies which made him dream big. 

Gifting a lunar plot of land has become quite the norm these days. Recently, a businessman from Surat bought a plot of land on the moon for his newborn son. 

Physically, one cannot own land there. Just a certificate is given to the buyer that is proof enough of the purchase.