Indian politician promises a free 100-day trip to Moon if he wins the election

Indian state of Tamil Nadu will go to the polls on April 6, 2021, to elect the 16th Legislative Assembly.

Key political parties such as AIADMK has promised washing machines for every household, along with free computers, salaries for housewives, among other things.

Its arch rival the DMK has said it will give free tablets to every student in the state with internet connectivity and will cut fuel prices.

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To top these parties election promises, is 34 year-old Thulam Saravanan, an independent candidate fighting from South Madurai.

Saravanan, who is contesting in his maiden poll, is also promising many freebies to woo people into voting for him.


However, his election manifesto is so ‘out of the world’ that it contains a promise to send every person in the constituency for ‘a vacation to the Moon’. 

In addition, he has also promised to provide every household in his constituency with free helicopters and robots.

He will give free iPhones, transfer Rupees 1 crore each in every person’s bank account, and give a three-storey house with a swimming pool.

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He has said he will build a 300-feet-tall iceberg in South Madurai to deal with the scorching heat in the summer. 

Saravanan told media that he has made these ‘outlandish commitments’ to remind people of the ‘phony promises’ politicians make prior to elections in Tamil Nadu.

“I wanted to create awareness among the people of Tamil Nadu and urge them to vote for those candidates who would serve people, rather than the freebies that big parties promise.”

On his unique polls symbol dustbin, he told media that it was the only option available.

“We’d like to clean up the literal (corruption, bribes) and political mess that Madurai has been reduced to.” 

The results for this election will be declared on May 2.