“Indian PM Modi should raise our plight with Albanese,” plead Australian Hindus

Community members have written a three-page long letter with 1623 signatures about pain and suffering of Australian Hindus and want to present it to PM Modi.

Jai Bharadwaj and Amit Sarwal

Amidst rising vandalism, violence and death threats to Australian Hindus by Khalistan supporters and their enablers, community groups and victims are making a plea to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise this issue as a matter of urgent concern with his counterpart Anthony Albanese.

Saran Patel a Melbourne resident was the first person to witness Khalistan supporters’ terror unleashed on the Hindu community on the morning of 12 January 2023.

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That morning came as a shock to the Hindu community as they woke up to ugly scenes on the walls of BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Mill Park.

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Mr Patel told The Australia Today, I visit the temple every morning before going to work.

“When I reached the temple that morning all walls were coloured with graffiti of Khalistani hatred towards Hindus.”

With tears in his eyes, Mr Patel says I am counting each and every day to see people responsible for that act of Hindu hate going to jail.

Four months and seven days have passed since then but Victoria Police has failed to even identify the perpetrators.

“I am angry, scared and dismayed with police and civil authorities in Melbourne, and want Indian PM Modi to intervene,”

said Mr Patel

Mr Patel is not alone with this sentiment.

Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple, Brisbane; Image Source: The Australia Today

Brisbane’s Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir (Temple) devotee Rohini Balamunde told The Australia Today “Khalistan supporters are terrorising the Australian Hindu community and making it a very traumatising experience to practice our religion and visit temples.”

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Her Temple was also attacked by Khalistan supporters on the early morning of 4th of March.

Ms Balamunde explains, “I am aware of what has happened to Melbourne Hindu Temples, but facing this hate ourselves is a very distressing experience.”

“You tell me what are our options if Australian authorities don’t listen and act when Khalistan supporters attack Hindu Temples.”

She is travelling to Sydney on 23rd May where the Indian Australian community is organising grand reception for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ms Balamunde has written a three-page long letter to present to Mr Modi (seen by The Australia Today). She says I have got 1623 signatures from the Australian Hindu community and want to present it to PM Modi.

“Indian PM Modi should raise our plight with Pm Albanese, if he will not then who will care for Indian Australian Hindus”

said Ms Rohini Balamunde.
Shree Laxmi Narayan Temple, Brisbane; Image Source: The Australia Today

In the last five months, there had been six Hinduphobic attacks on Hindu Temples in Australia.
This vicious cycle started in Melbourne this year in the month of January when Khalistan supporters announced a propaganda referendum event.

Despite propaganda posters and banners flying around in the suburbs Indian Australian community didn’t respond to Khalistan’s calls. This really made USA, Canada and Europe-based Khalistan supporters desperate and they unleashed terror among the Australian Hindu community.

Sachin Gaur is a victim of Khalistan supporters’ attack on the peaceful Melbourne ‘Tiranga March’ on January 29th.

He was among 100 men and women carrying the march in Melbourne’s Federation Square against the Khalistan propaganda referendum.

He told The Australia Today, “Five of my fellow Hindus were mercilessly beaten by rods, polls and swords.”

“It is just Shankar Bhagwan kripa (Blessings of Lord Shiva) that I am alive today, but look at Victoria Police despite video evidence they have not arrested any Khalistani attackers.”

In all six Temple attacks and physical attacks on Australian Hindus, not a single person is arrested by Victoria, Queensland and NSW Police.

A frustrated Sachin Gaur says, “I know PM Modi raised the issue of attacks on Hindu Temples with PM Albanese but look at Sydney BAPS Swaminarayan Temple it was attacked this month by Khalistan supporters.”

He adds: “PM Modi should take his Australia visit as an opportunity to discuss a working strategy on Khalistan menace and Hindu security issues with PM Albanese.”

“Please ask PM Albanese, why this apathy with Australian Hindus and their religious institution.”

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Sarah L. Gates is an Australian academic who has done extensive work on Hinduphobia and Khalistan.

Ms Gates told The Australia Today, “Authorities were not prepared to address the social cohesion impact of recent Sikhs for Justice activities in Australia. Rising tensions in the diaspora have not received sufficient investment.”

“Targets of Khalistani hate speech and hate crimes have been left in the lurch and subjected to an onslaught of violent rhetoric and bigoted propaganda.”

She adds: “The government and services are often ignorant or ill-advised about diaspora matters due to lack of diversity in their consultation practices.”

“Whether it’s hate speech on temple walls, cyberbullying on social media or prejudiced reports in the media, victims of harassment and intimidation feel let down by the system and at times betrayed by attempts to balance ‘fairness’ against ‘facts’.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about Hindu temples being vandalised in Australia in a joint Press statement with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in New Delhi on 10 March.

PM Modi said that reports of Hindu temples being attacked in Australia are distressing and a cause for concern.

He said that he has discussed this issue with Prime Minister Albanese who has assured him that the safety of Indian Australians is a priority for him.

Hindu community members are now anticipating some form of reassurance by PM Albanese to act against Khalistani goons when he joins Indian PM Modi at the jam-packed Qudos Bank Arena Stadium in Sydney with a capacity of 21,000 people.