Indian origin entrepreneur hosting ‘Swadisht’ a fusion of ancient flavours with modern cooking

"Our team culture has been enriched with amazing food heritage of people from different cultures"

Alkalizer restaurant in Sydney’s Campbelltown is hosting ‘Swadisht’ an event showcasing a food-journey which fuses traditional flavours of the Asian Subcontinent with modern ingredients and cooking techniques which diners can experience.

Founder of Alkalizer, Shefali Pall, says that their team is passionate about creating delicious fusion cuisine that is balanced through the use of alkaline ingredients and water.

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Explaining the meaning of the term ‘ Swadisht’ Shefali says,

“The word “Swadisht” meaning scrumptious, tasty or delicious, is an adjective used across Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Nepalese Sinhala and Tamil – with varied pronunciation to express the deliciousness of food. Over the past years Alkalizer has been blessed to be based in the multicultural and dynamic community of Campbelltown.”

“Our team culture has been enriched with amazing food heritage of people from different cultures. We have loved experimenting with cuisines, ingredients and techniques from  Indonesia, Nepal, different regions of India and Pakistan – north, south, west, east, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Afghanistan middle east, Vietnamese – to name a few,”

“Alkalizer is a ‘one of a kind’ wellness eatery where our team craft innovative modern Australian cuisine using ancient Indian dietary principles which embrace ‘food as medicine.’ Alkalizer’s cuisine creates digestive balance through alkaline water and nutritionally designed food and drinks menu that use alkaline ingredients,” mentions Shefali.

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Shefali adds that beyond the drinks, canapes and desserts on the ‘east meets west’ menu, ‘Swadisht’ will be accentuated with traditional décor, live music of Jugalbandi, incorporating tabla, flute, dhol and ghazals while guests can also explore the art of henna and traditional jewellery.