Suman left shaken after customer throws hot coffee at him

The barista was left with burns to his face and hands after this rude attack.

27-year-old Suman Dhital, a coffee shop barista, was left deeply shaken after an angry man, described by the NSW police as being of Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern appearance, threw two hot cups of coffees at him over a disagreement in Sydney, New South Wales.

This incident occurred at Soul Bowl in Rosehill just after 11 am. The owner of the cafe said the customer had insisted to pay for a young woman’s coffee. However the young woman refused to accept this offer. Lily Semaan told 9News:

“Our staff member was respecting the young lady’s wishes because of that he was harassed, sworn at and abused. He grabbed the two coffees and aggressively threw them at him.”

Lily posted the full CCTV footage of the incident to social media. She says that the local community could help identify the offender who attacked the barista.

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SCCTV footage shows a man allegedly throwing the hot coffee (9News screenshot)

The impact of the attack marked Suman’s face, clothes and also there was coffee everywhere.

Suman told 9News he has never experienced this kind of behaviour at this cafe before.

“I was trying to make a good day with a coffee, but he was abusing me and swearing at me.”

Suman, who can be seen handling the situation very professionally, was left with burns to his face and hands after this rude attack.

NSW Police are now investigating the assault and are looking to speak with the customer. Police said in a statement:

“Inquiries continue to identify and locate the man depicted who is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Appearance, aged in his 30s, with short black hair and a beard.”

The middle-eastern looking customer fled before the police arrived and was last seen wearing a white and grey ‘Champion’ hooded jumper at the time.